Selected Plays

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Full Length 6F, 4M
Produced by UT Austin in 2012

A new play based on a classic story. Hester Prynne has been sentenced to wear a scarlet letter. Her young daughter Pearl asks questions Hester can’t easily answer. And then a familiar stranger comes to town… This adaptation offers fresh interpretations, an expanded cast of characters, and new insights.

For images and a look at Yao Chen’s amazing costume designs, visit her website:!scarlet-letter/c1w4f

Behind the Scenes Video:

Full Length, 3F, 3M

A marvel of art and technology, Mollybot is an almost perfect and affordable soulmate. When her creator goes off in search of the last missing piece to her soul, her machinery is left vulnerable to the commercial and jealous side of creation. Her body and programming are threatened.  With only Alan Turing at her side, can Mollybot scale the distance between robot and human, subject and self?  

Current Draft: July 2014


Reading, Kitchen Dog New Play Fest 2014

Finalist O'Nell Playwrights Conference 2014

Development and Reading, Icicle Creek Theatre Festival WA, 2013

Reading, UTNT Festival at UT Austin, 2013
Reading, paper chairs theater company, Austin 2012


Full Length, 1F, 1M


It’s the hottest summer on record and Bell’s picked drinking over people. Mike’s got experience fighting fires but their attraction is a whole new disaster. A play built for theatrical gestures and two performers with nerves.


Current Draft: July 2014


Winner, Red Theater Collective Playwriting Contest, 2014

Full Length 2F, 1M


After the collapse of the civilized world, people are struggling to survive. Technology has failed. Food is scarce. Rabbits have grown huge in size and frightening in strength.  Cass has fled a compound to hunt for a better life. Her journey leads her to the isolated home of Jackson and his daughter Dove. After these three days, nothing is the same.


Current Draft: May 2014

Reading, WildClaw Horror Theater, Chicago IL 2013

Development, WordBRIDGE Playwright Laboratory, Baltimore MD 2011
Finalist, Bay Area Playwright Festival 2012

© 2013 Sarah Saltwick

Full Length Flexible Cast: Min 4F, 1M Max: 12F, 3M

She Creatures tells the tale of mermaids, unicorns, and dragons. Creatures of myth and legend fill the room and guide Pandora on her journey of self discovery. An “Everyman” story for every woman.

Current Draft: September 2013


Production under new title – Of Myth and Mud, Weber State University, Ogden UT, Fall 2013
Production, Barnyard Theatre,  Davis CA, Summer 2013
Production, Nouveau 47, Dallas TX 2013
Staged Reading of Bianca, the Unicorn, Barnyard Theatre, Davis CA 2012 Performance of Full Collection, Cohen New Works Festival, UT Austin, Austin TX 2011
Reading of Full Collection, Moving Arts, Los Angeles CA 2010
Reading of Full Collection, Selected for Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Valdez AK 2010
Performed Selection, Best of Week Selection Frontera Fest, Hyde Park Theater, Austin TX 2009 !
Cecilia, Nominated Best New Play Austin Critics Table 2008 Out of Ink Festival, Austin ScriptWorks, Blue Theater, Austin TX 2008

Full Length, 2F, 2M

We Are StarStuff explores time and distance, light as a tool of observation and revelation, and humanity’s changing understanding of the beginnings (and endings) of the cosmos, and the elements that make it truly our home. 

Production, Cohen New Works Festival presented by the University Co-op UT Austin, 2013

Composed by Randy Maguire

This chamber opera is based on the Buddhist fable of a boy's wish to see the world outside his small village. By leaving all he knows to be true, he sets in motion a chain of events that leads to the unexpected, in ways both good and bad.  It is small in scale, but by using just a handful of musicians and singers, playing multiple roles, it will create a surprising opera experience.

Performance, Cohen New Works Festival, UT Austin, Austin TX 2011